What Really Matters

The What Really Matters Series 

"A Guidebook for Awakening"


Learn the Lessons Your Soul Came Here to Discover


NOW!!! Dr. Karen Wyatt shares the wisdom she has learned from years of medical practice and her own personal spiritual journey. 

Filled with stories from her work as a hospice medical director, homeless shelter physician, and caregiver for her mother during her last days of life, these books present a profound opportunity to wake up to the presence of the Soul.

         These books will change the way you see ...


Book I: "The Map"

7 Lessons for Living from 

the Stories of the Dying

Through the stories of dying patients and the 7 important spiritual lessons they learn at the end of their days, What Really Matters shows us how to live our lives NOW!

These 7 Lessons of the Soul form a step-by-step map for spiritual awakening and teach us why we must focus on what really matters in order to evolve our consciousness.

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Dr. Karen Wyatt: 

"We can discover what really matters in our own lives and begin to fulfill our potential and purpose right now, without waiting until our last breaths. This is the gift left behind by those who have already passed on before us: the knowledge that there is hope for negotiating the dangerous waters of suffering. There is a way through the darkness of illness and loss and it leads to ultimate transformation!"

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Book II: "The Journey"

The Journey from Self to Soul

Through stories of her own journey to higher consciousness Dr. Wyatt reveals the process necessary to learn the application of the 7 Lessons of the Soul to everyday life.

This book describes the tasks required to truly embody the Lessons and achieve a life that is Soul-directed rather than Ego-driven.

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Book III: "The Destination"

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Praise for 
What Really Matters - Book I:

Ken Wilber: 

"Clearly and succinctly written, and with deeply profound insights, this is a highly recommended book for those in the land of the living, from those no longer with us."

William Gladstone:

"A timely and important book that will help you live with greater joy." 

Larry Dossey, MD: 

"...this splendid book should be widely read." 

Fr. William Skudlarek, OSB:

 "By her sensitive recounting of the end-of-life experiences of those she cared for and befriended in Hospice ... [Dr. Wyatt] has created a profoundly moving and insightful ... spiritual guide to the 'Art of Living.'"

Carew Papritz

Author of The Legacy Letters:

"It has been a long time since I have been as deeply moved by someone's deep and personal life experiences, ensconced in the most beautiful of writing,  and wrapped in sheer spirituality, as I have been by reading your book [What Really Matters].  …  Reading between tears and wonder. Feeling as if I was having a “hollyhock” experience.”


Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, 
Worldview Enterprises, LLC:
"Karen Wyatt brings such a soulful perspective to the topic of end of life and her work as a healer and physician is pure inspiration. She offers a gift to all of us who seek to embrace the fullness of our humanity." 

Ira Byock, MD, author of Dying Well and The Best Care Possible:

"Dr. Karen Wyatt practices medicine as she lives – with courage, humility and an open heart. In caring for people who are nearing life’s end, she finds essential truths and reveals What Really Matters. The lessons she offers are a gift of enormous wisdom."

Eldon Taylor, PhD, FAPA

NY Times Bestselling Author of

Choices and Illusions:

"Throughout history a few special minds have reminded us of the most important matters in life.  For Plato it was the cardinal virtues, for Kant it was the challenge to know, Mill obsessed over liberty and individuality, the value of symbols occupied the meaning of life for Lame Deer, and for Gandhi, it was the value of truth.  There are many other great thinkers and today we can add one more.  Dr. Karen Wyatt brings the relevance of everyday life to the meaning of life.  Through her hospice work, Dr. Wyatt has shared the moment of crossing over with many, including a very special caring lady—her Mother. 


In her book, What Really Matters, Karen meets the reader with a warm and gentle awareness—one that reminds us of the inevitable moment when we breathe our last breath.  The meaning and importance of the transition period from life to death is all too often overlooked, and as a result, we spend our lives denying the steady steps of death.  As Walt Whitman said, 'Though our hearts are stout and brave, still like distant drums they’re beating funeral marches to the grave.'

Karen’s approach to preparing for one of the most important days of our lives is very real, and it turns out that this preparedness gives rise to miracles that we may have otherwise missed in our everyday life.  There is a glorious finitude to our human existence in this time and space, and Karen catches this mystery while inspiring all to live more fully every day!  I urge you to read What Really Matters!"